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Welcome to Velid Chemicals

Velid Chemicals provides a wide range of services, which include NCEs, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, API Intermediates, Screening compounds, Inhibitors, Bio-chemicals, Building Blocks, Contract Chemistry synthesis, Custom Synthesis, Process Chemistry, Sales and purchase and Fine Chemicals etc,

Velid Chemicals Private Limited was established in 2016 and located at Hyderabad. We would like to introduce our company as a leading provider and manufacturer of all varieties of chemical compounds like Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Custom Synthesis molecules, API's, etc... We are dedicated to Research, Process development and Manufacturing APIs and Advanced Intermediates for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from grams to Kilograms scale.



Velid Chemicals provides custom synthesis for most of the organic compounds. We offer intermediates, reference compounds, key raw materials, and derivatives of lead.


Process Chemistry is one of the core competencies of Velid Chemicals. Our team has experience in advancing lead molecules from bench to commercial scale production Cost.


Velid chemicals main motto is to provide the raw materials at the right price, specification, quantity, and quality. We serve a wide range of chemicals to our client’s.


Velid Chemicals works with different products. If you do not find a particular item in our product list, please do not hesitate to inquire for it, and we can assure you.